The Sound of Bells

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Collection of bell recordings

I have a large and growing collection of bell recordings. The ultimate intention is to provide a detailed analysis and commentary on all the peals and single bells with features of interest. This work is far from complete, and I am currently collecting recordings faster than I can do the detailed analysis. In consequence, there are three lists of recordings below:

I have many recordings of peals and individual recordings not even yet listed below.

If there's a peal of bells you're interested in, drop me an email. My thanks are due to all who have allowed me to record their bells or who have provided recordings.

Bells with a detailed analysis

Bremhill, Wiltshire (before and after tuning)6Keene 1685/8, Wells 1770/1826, Rudhall 1736Whitechapel 2001
Bridport, Dorset8Mears 1924none
Chalford, Gloucestershire (Steel Bells)6Naylor-Vickers 1857/8/9-
Coventry, St. Michael (old peal)10Pack and Chapman 1774-
Disley, Cheshire, St. Mary6Mears 1837Whitechapel 1969
Dorking, Surrey (old peal)8Mears 1827-42, Phelps 1709, Wilnar 1626, Catlin 1746-
Dorking, Surrey (new peal)10Taylor 1998-
Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester10Taylor 1854-
Egham, Surrey10Gillett and Johnston 1912, Whitechapel 1971none
Epsom St. Martin, Surrey10Whitechapel 1921-
Erfurt, Germany (Gloriosa)1Gerhardus Wou de Campis 1497-
Great Bookham, Surrey2Burford 1400, Eldridge 1675none
Greenwich, London10Whitechapel 1954, Mears 1824Whitechapel 1954
Hale, Cheshire (2 bronze and 6 steel bells)8Naylor-Vickers, EijsboutsWilton & Willasey 1983
Henfield, West Sussex8Taylors 1913-
Hilmarton, Wiltshire6Bristol 1450, Purdue 1631/52, Rudhall 1735/38, Mears 1875-
Houston, Texas, St Paul8Whitechapel 2001-
Knightsbridge, The Queen's Tower10Taylor 1892none
Lahore, Pakistan6Taylor 1903none
Lambeth, St. John8Mears 1825Whitechapel 1997
La Vinzelle, France1Triadou Cazes Pourcel 1870none
Llandaff Cathedral13Whitechapel 1992-
London, St. Giles Holborn8Knight 1635, Wightman 1685, Phelps 1736none
London, St. Paul's12Taylors 1878none
London, St.Paul's (Great Paul)1Taylors 1881none
London, St.Peter's Italian Church1Naylor-Vickers 1862 (steel bell)none
Lyminge, Kent (before and after tuning)8Wilnar 1631, Knight 1727, Lester & Pack 1759, Mears 1785/1904Whitechapel 2002
Manchester Town Hall23Taylor 1936/7none
Merthyr Tydfil8Taylor 1893Taylor 1896
Newcastle Cathedral14Taylor 1892, 1914, 1928, 2000none
Painswick, Gloucestershire14Rudhall 1731/2, Whitechapel 1993none
Poynton, Cheshire6Taylor 1887none
Stockport, St. George10Mears 1896none
Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire13Taylor 1962, 1991-
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, The Shed10Higby and Bowditch 1993 - 96Bagley
Towcester, Northamptonshire12Taylor 1897, 1989none
Vieillevie, France41582, 1678, Decamarafe 1718, Dubois 1808-
Wargrave, Berkshire8Mears 1915none
Yeovil, Somerset10Whitechapel 1931, Warner 1891, Bilbie 1728/68, Purdue 1626/62Whitechapel 1931

Details of some of the Dorset peals were taken from Christopher Dalton's excellent books.

Complete list of single bells

Beverley (Great John)7,151 kgTaylor 1901-David Bryant
Downside Abbey (Great Bede)5,423 kgTaylor 1900-David Bagley
Erfurt, Germany (Gloriosa)-Gerhardus Wou de Campis 1497-unknown
La Vinzelle, France1,250 kgTriadou Cazes Pourcel 1870noneWAH
London, St.Paul's (Great Tom)5,205 kgPhelps 1716noneWAH
London, St.Paul's (Great Paul)17,001 kgTaylors 1881noneStephen Ivin
London, St.Peter's Italian Church (steel bell)ca. 4,420 kgNaylor-Vickers 1862noneWAH
Manchester (Great Abel)8,269 kgTaylor 1882noneWAH
Newcastle Cathedral (Major)6,020 kgTaylor 1891noneWAH
Oak Ridge, Tennessee (International Friendship Bell
- Eastern profile bell)
3,750 kgSoutetsu Iwasawa, JapannoneRay Adams
Oxford, Christ Church (Great Tom)6,325 kgHodson 1680-WAH
Salzburg (Salvator Mundi
or Dreifaltigkeitsglocke)
14,260 kgOberascher 1961noneStephen Ivin
Vienna (Pummerin)21,383 kgAustria 1951noneStephen Ivin
Vienna (Stephanus)5,700 kgAustria 1960noneStephen Ivin
Westminster Big Ben (and 4 quarters)13,762 kgMears 1858, WarnersnoneBBC
York, Minster (Great Peter)11,009 kgTaylor 1927-David Bryant

Complete list of peals of bells

Appleton, Oxfordshire10Mears 1817, 1859, 1861, 1874/5Whitechapel 1975Stephen Ivin
Ashchurch, Gloucestershire6Rudhall 1759/63noneDavid Bagley
Banstead, Surrey8Gilletts 1921 / 5noneWAH
Barmby Moor, North Yorks6--WAH
Blythborough, Suffolk6Mears 1950, Edmede 1608-WAH
Bremhill, Wiltshire (before tuning)
(after tuning)
6Keene 1685/8, Wells 1770/1826, Rudhall 1736Whitechapel 2001Ken Webb
Bridport, Dorset8Mears 1924noneWAH
Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe12Taylor 1903, Bilbie 1763Taylor 1903Chris Caton
Bromham8Taylor 1908/31-Stephen Ivin
Brompton by Sawdon, North Yorks5York Foundry 1500/1621, Whitechapel 1991-WAH
Burton Bradstock, Dorset6Mears 1928, Bilbie 1800, Purdue 1615/16Mears 1928WAH
Calne, Wiltshire8Rudhall 1707/96, Wells 1786, Mears 1848/99, 1928/89-WAH
Cambridge, Great St. Mary12Phelps 1722/3, Taylor 1923/52Taylor 1952unknown
Castleton, Derbyshire8Harrison 1803/12none sinceWAH
Chalford, Gloucestershire (Steel Bells)6Naylor-Vickers 1857/8/9-WAH
Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire6Rudhall 1733noneWAH
Cheadle, Greater Manchester8Rudhall 1749, Taylor 1882Gilletts 1935WAH
Checkendon, Oxfordshire8Lester & Pack 1765/8, Mears 1879Whitechapel 1968WAH
Chobham, Surrey8Culverden 1520, Eldridge 1597/1610/1684, Mears 1892Whitechapel 1971WAH
Church Knowle, Dorset3Wells 1804, Bond 1928noneWAH
Corfe Castle, Dorset6Whitechapel 1999, Wells 1795/1804, Dobson 1828Whitechapel 1999WAH
Coventry Cathedral, Warwickshire12Gilletts 1927noneMike Chester
Coventry Cathedral (old ten)10Pack and Chapman 1774noneWAH
Cowley, Oxford, St. Luke4Gilletts 1938-Stephen Ivin
Disley, Cheshire, St. Mary6Mears 1837Whitechapel 1969WAH
Dorking, Surrey (old peal)8Mears 1827-42, Phelps 1709, Wilnar 1626, Catlin 1746-Cantate
Dorking, Surrey (new peal)10Taylor 1998-Cantate
Driffield, Humberside6York Foundry 1543, Smith 1685, Warner 1883Taylor 1997WAH
Dunham Massey, Greater Manchester10Taylor 1854-WAH
Egham, Surrey10Gillett and Johnston 1912, Whitechapel 1971noneCantate
Epsom St. Martin, Surrey10Whitechapel 1921-WAH
Epsom Common, Surrey8Whitechapel 1992-WAH
Exeter, Devon, Cathedral12Taylor 1902-22, Birdall, Pennington, Purdue, EvansTaylorDavid Bryant
Fallowfield, Greater Manchester8Mears 1863TaylorsWAH
Findon, West Sussex6Tonne 1530, Cole 1576, Mears 1870, 1958Whitechapel 1958WAH
Flamborough, Humberside6Mears 1898, Taylor 1990-WAH
Great Bookham, Surrey2Burford 1400, Eldridge 1675noneWAH
Greenwich, London10Whitechapel 1954, Mears 1824Whitechapel 1954WAH
Glanvilles Wootton, Dorset6Salisbury 15th cent, Knight 1700, Warner 1876, Whitechapel 1996noneWAH
Hale, Cheshire8Naylor-Vickers, EijsboutsWilton & Willasey 1983WAH
Halesworth, Suffolk8Church 1440, Norwich 1611/27/1824, Lester & Pack 1759, Pack & Chapman 1770-WAH
Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset6Llewellin & James 1884, Bilbie 1735, Whitechapel 1949Whitechapel 1949WAH
Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset6Taylor 1934, Wallis 1613, Salisbury 15th cent, Shaftesbury 14th cent, Mears 1855Gillets 1950WAH
Henfield, West Sussex8Taylors 1913-WAH
Heywood, Greater Manchester8Gilletts 1921-WAH
Hilmarton, Wiltshire6Bristol 1450, Purdue 1631/52, Rudhall 1735/38, Mears 1875-Ken Webb
Hovingham, N. Yorks6Taylor 1876-WAH
Houston, Texas, St Paul8Whitechapel 2001-WAH
Ipswich, St. Mary-le-Tower12Taylor 1976, Whitechapel 1948, Ancient-Stephen Ivin
Kingston, Dorset10Taylor 2000, 1921, 1878Taylor 1921WAH
Knightsbridge, The Queen's Tower10Taylor 1892noneWAH
Lahore, Pakistan6Taylor 1903noneWAH
Lambeth, St. John8Mears 1825Whitechapel 1997WAH
Leatherhead, Surrey10Mears 1816, Warner 1877Whitechapel 1924WAH
Litton Cheney, Dorset8Whitechapel 1950, Mears 1848, Purdue 1656, Exeter 14th / 15th cent.Whitechapel 1953WAH
Llandaff Cathedral (all twelve)
(back ten)
13Whitechapel 1992-WAH
London, St. Giles Holborn8Knight 1635, Wightman 1685, Phelps 1736noneWAH
London, St. Mary-le-Bow12Whitechapel 1956-Stephen Ivin
London, St. Paul's12Taylors 1878noneWAH
Longburton, Dorset6Taylor 1992, Knight (Closworth) 1701, Bilbie 1764, Salisbury 15th cent.Taylor 1967WAH
Lyminge, Kent8Wilnar 1631, Knight 1727, Lester & Pack 1759, Mears 1785/1904noneWAH
Lyminge, Kent after tuning8Wilnar 1631, Knight 1727, Lester & Pack 1759, Mears 1785/1904Whitechapel 2002WAH
Manchester Town Hall12Taylor 1937noneWAH
Merthyr Tydfil8Taylor 1893Taylor 1896WAH
Middleton, North Yorks4????WAH
Milton Abbey, Dorset8Llewellins & James 1908, Warner 1861noneWAH
Newcastle Cathedral14Taylor 1892, 1914, 1928, 2000noneWAH
Odcombe, Somerset6Bristol 1420, Bilbie 1791-WAH
Oxford, Magdelen College10Dawe 1410, Knight 1623/41, Rudhall 1740/8, Taylor 1848noneStephen Ivin
Oxford, New College10Darbie 1655, Knight 1672, Rudhall 1703/12-Stephen Ivin
Oxford, St. Mary Magdelen8Whitechapel 1973, Taylor 1988/90-Stephen Ivin
Oxford, St. Thomas (old 6)6Rudhall 1706-33, Mears 1806-Stephen Ivin
Oxford, St. Thomas (new 10)6Taylor 1992/3/6-Stephen Ivin
Painswick, Gloucestershire (front ten)
(all twelve)
14Rudhall 1731/2, Whitechapel 1993noneWAH
Pocklington, North Yorks8Warner??Warner 1914WAH
Poynton, Cheshire6Taylor 1887none sinceWAH
Preston Plucknett, Somerset6Mears 1868/9, Wiseman 1588noneWAH
Pulborough, Sussex8????WAH
Ranmore, Surrey8Mears 1859noneWAH
Rostov, Russia, Uspensky Cathedral12Russian 17th - 19th cent (biggest 38 tonnes)-From CD
Scalby, North Yorks6Sellers 1674, Taylor 1929/61Taylor 1961WAH
Shipton Gorge, Dorset6Whitechapel 1996, Warner 1910, Purdue 1655Whitechapel 1996WAH
South Croydon, Surrey10Gilletts 1911-Stephen Ivin
Southwold, Suffolk8Norwich 15/16th c., Darbie 1668, Dobson 1820/8, Moore, Holmes and Mackenzie 1881Whitechapel 1990WAH
Steyning, Sussex8Mears 1889-WAH
Stockport, St. George10Mears 1896noneWAH
Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire (all twelve)
(back ten)
13Taylor 1962, 1991-WAH
David Bagley
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, The Shed10Higby and Bowditch 1993 - 96BagleyWAH
Towcester, Northamptonshire12Taylor 1897, 1989noneMichael Wilby
Vieillevie, France41582, 1678, Decamarafe 1718, Dubois 1808-WAH
Wallingford, Oxfordshire8Phelps 1738, Mears 1887Whitechapel 1999WAH
Wareham, Dorset10Mears 1785/1864, Warner 1910, Taylor 1958/1972Taylors 1972??WAH
Wargrave, Berkshire8Mears 1915noneWAH
Warnham, West Sussex10Mears 1897, Whitechapel 1998noneWAH
Wells Cathedral, Somerset10Rudhall 1757, Taylor 1877, Mears 1891, Whitechapel 1964noneDavid Bryant
Welton, Northants5W & J Taylor 1825, H Watts II 1629none?WAH
Wenhaston, Suffolk6??Taylors 1956??WAH
Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset8Purdue 1603/1669, Warners 1893/1912, etc.Whitechapel 1926WAH
Wilmslow, Cheshire6Rudhall 1733noneWAH
Winchester Cathedral14Taylor 1937, Whitechapel 1992-David Bryant
Winterbourne Kingston, Dorset6Wallis 1600, Ellery 1749, Whitechapel 1998Whitechapel 1998WAH
Winterbourne Martin, Dorset6Taylor 1947-WAH
Winterbourne Whitechurch, Dorset6Taylor 1990, Warner 1866, Tosier 1730, Salisbury 14th cent, Purdue 1608Taylors??WAH
Worth Matravers, Dorset6Taylor 1997, Gilletts 1951-WAH
Yeovil, Somerset10Whitechapel 1931, Warner 1891, Bilbie 1728/68, Purdue 1626/62Whitechapel 1931WAH
York, All Saints North St6+2Oldfield 1627/40, Taylor 1920/90-WAH
York, Bishopthorpe6Smith of York 1672/3, Taylor 1903/90-WAH
York, St. Olave6Dalton 1789Taylor 1916WAH


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