The Sound of Bells

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Nominals, diameters and weights of bronze and steel bells

Following from some prelimary work done earlier in the year for the steel bells article, I have now created log plots of nominal frequency against weight, and nominal frequency against diameter, for around 5,300 bells. In the charts below, nominals are in Hz (c/s), weights are in kilogrammes and diameters are in metres. The log plots show a reasonable straight-line relationship across a great range of frequencies, weights and diameters. I don't have both weight and diameter for all the recordings, in the plot of weights there are 4,553 bronze bells and 185 steel bells. In the plot of diameters there are 4,327 bronze bells and 204 steel bells.

To give an idea of the range, here are details of the smallest and largest bells shown in the charts:

LocationFounder / dateDiameterWeightNominal
The Shed, Tewkesbury, UKMatthew Higby, 19960.127m1.84kg6,247Hz
Sergiyev Posad, RussiaSt Petersburg, 20034.5m71,800kg195Hz
Nominals and weights

Nominals and diameters

Interesting features of the charts are as follows:

Bill Hibbert
Great Bookham, Surrey


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